I’m a geek, QA professional, developer, biohacker. This blog is my take on how to keep your body and mind from getting in your way as you kick ass in life.

Expect topics like:

  • Gadget reviews
  • Supplementation, adaptogens & nootropics
  • High-fat low-carb diets
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Quantified Self


Biohackrrr is free of charge, and I’m not selling anything. If you like my content and need anything from the sites mentioned below, I appreciate it if you can support me by using them! If you don’t want to use these links, that’s cool too. No pressure.

  • iHerb.com – Vitamins, supplements & natural health products
    • These guys are located in the US, but they have really affordable shipping charges to Europe. About 13€ for DHL (delivery in few days) and 5€ for priority airmail (delivery in about 1-2 weeks). The benefit of the latter is that you can avoid customs processing when ordering low-value items.
  • 23andme.com – Get your genome sequenced. Get information about your genetic traits, risk factors, etc. They will tell you if you have an increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s for example. Knowing your DNA also allows you to optimize your nutrition for you specifically.

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